As a studio we design, INNOVATE and DEVELOP.

What we can create

Take a look at some of the things we can create to bring your course to life!

  • Motion Graphics
  • Live Videos
  • Course Design
  • Gamification


Our design approach utilizes a team of media specialists to create original multimedia for our courses. This includes animations and motion graphics. Our focus on creating accessible, small units of learning in this format to complement our diverse courses has its origins in Mayer's (2005) three assumptions of a cognitive theory of multimedia learning.


Gamification, and game-based learning engages students in new ways, increasing student motivation and performance (Kapp, 2013). Our design approach looks for opportunities in the learning outcomes where gamification or game-based learning has a natural fit, and can be designed organically from the skills and knowledge that are central to the content.


Embedding custom video in all our course development projects provides us with an increasingly effective medium to supplement traditional learning materials such as textbooks and modular development. Our experienced team of multimedia experts can bring your educational video projects to the next level. Our in-house talent is up to date on the latest research and will use their concept development expertise to help you create content that includes script writing, identifying shooting location, talent scouting, full professional video production, editing, motion graphics, design, animation and 3D!

Course StoryBoard

Our storyboard was created to help you structure your content and output quality content. Once your storyboard is complete you work with an Educational Media Specialist to turn that content into an interactive course for students. To see a final course created from a storyboard please view below.


Our workflow to design and develop online learning is rooted in the theories, models of research and best practices in instructional design combined with effective project management. Given the nature of the products that we are creating, we incorporate quality checkpoints and align to recognized industry quality standards such as Quality Matters.