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Common MyMathLab Questions and Answers

How do I Set Up my Computer to use MyMathLab?

How do I Get Registered in MyMathLab?

Where do I Login to MyMathLab?

How do I access the Student User Guide for MyMathLab?

Top Questions Answered by Tech Support

How do I contact Pearson Education Technical Support?

Enrollment End Date and Course End Date
16F Courses: 30 December 2016
17W Courses: 30 April 2017
17S Courses: 30 August 2017

 Instructor Website for Washington Textbook
Contains the following videos:

    • Copying a MML Course  
    • Creating a MML Course for Student Enrollment
    •  Using a TestGen Quiz in Blackboard
    •  Managing Multiple MML Courses

I can't sign in!

 I Can't Find My Course!

I don't Know How to Enter Answers in MyMathLab!
(Handy instruction card)

I don't remember how to round numbers!
(MAT8100 Instructor Tips applicable to many courses )


Downloadable Instructor Resources - Washington 10th ed

How to Copy Assignments from an older textbook version to a newer one (Video)


New Features for MyMathLab and MathXL Jun14


Educator Support for MyMathLab


Pearson Education MyMathLab Tutorials


Older Video Assistance on various topics

) First time registration and enrollment in a MyMathLab Course

Enrol in a new MyMathLab course

Algonquin College Example of Enrolling in a new MyMathLab Course
Used to enroll in a different course in a follow-on semester

k How to Enter Answers in MyMathLab
Excellent video showing how to enter answers


How Do I Remove a Student from a MML Section?


How do I Assign a TESTGEN test in MML?


How do I use a TestGen Quiz in Blackboard?

How do I contact Pearson Education Technical Support?

Other Faculty Resources


MyMathLab Quick Reference


Teaching with MyMathLab


 MyMathLab Best Practices.pdf


Other Training Resources


On-Site MyMathLab Training Request


Professor David Haley, School of Advanced Technology, Algonquin College discusses how he uses MyMathLab to engage students in their college mathematics course. 

Something you need help on, but it is not here? Send me an email and I will assist you with the use of MyMathLab.

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