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There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

Colin Powel


Chef Training Graduate - Class of 1997

Chef Stephen Vardy

Previously Beckta

Adelaide Oyster House

"The culinary industry can be a life long romance and nourish you everyday if you only allow it and water its soil"

I once read something to the fact, "Luck is a funny thing ya know? I've noticed over the years that the more I put into a project the more I have of it!"....That always stuck with me and couldn't agree more.

The culinary industry can be a life long romance and nourish you everyday if you simply allow it and water its soil.

Yes it also has its darkness and a manic side but also a side filled with community, creativity, family, giving, feasting, learning and life long relationships. 25 years into the business and I'm finally learning that we are marathon runners, not sprinters. We need our health, stamina, form and rest. If we fail repeatedly in any of these we are doomed for disaster. Our rest and recovery is paramount to our creativity, success and day to day operations. Just like the great long distance runners we must keep "form", when our form slips we are prone to injury and failure. Don't waste time making old mistakes, make new ones and learn from each. Take care of yourself and your co-workers and the rest will fall into place. Walk into the kitchen each day with a sense of humility and beginners mind. to borrow cues from the zen buddhist quote; "With beginners mind in this business there is so much room to learn and grow, with expert mind possibilities are few." Take this approach into your life.