Learning Resources 2010

Rex Woollard

Professor of Computer Studies
E-mail: rex.woollard@algonquincollege.com
Office: T-318

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CST8284: Object-Oriented Programming: Java (Computer Programmer): Using Java, explore OO development

NET2006: Object-Oriented Programming: C++ (BIT-NET: Archived): Using C++, learn the heart-and-soul of OOP: virtual functions, inheritance (and yes, you have to learn about new / delete and pointers to implement virtual functions)

CST8130: Data Structures (Computer Science: Archived): Using Java, explore memory organization, and algorithms to manage massive repositories of data.

CST8110 (C++): Introduction to Programming: C++ (Computer Science: Archived): Learn to program using C++.

CST8132 (C++): Object-Oriented Programming: C++ (Computer Science: Archived): Using C++, explore OO development

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